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Professional hockey puck, Don Rickles, died at the spry age of 90.

“Clint [Eastwood], I’m sorry, but I just gotta say what’s on everybody’s mind here tonight: You’re a terrible actor.”

“We kid about great stars such as you Bob [Hope], why? Because you’re old and washed up.”  “There’s no booing! There’s no booing! If there’s another outburst we’re going to let Bob Hope get up and do his jokes!”  “What’s Bob Hope doing here? Is the war over?”

To Jimmy Kimmel: “I met your son….he’s a wonderful young kid. And he was smiling because he knows one day he’s going to come into a lot of money.”

“Bob Newhart made the claim that I am his closest friend. I have never met Bob Newhart.”

“Orson Welles, ladies and gentlemen, has been a great star for so many years. This man was married to a great many women in his life. They’re all flat now.”

“I must tell you, Mr. President [Reagan], it’s a big treat coming out here all the way from

Don Rickles

Look at that face.  Was anyone else hurt in the accident?

California for this kind of money.”

“Pat Boone, one of our great stars, right? Has a daytime show. He’s marvellous, the way he comes out—’Hi, I’m Pat Boone!’ What do you want, a cookie? You’re making a fool of yourself and going nowhere, pal. And I’m a friend.”

Don Rickles: “Can I say something, Johnny?”

Johnny Carson: “Certainly.”

Don Rickles: “You’ve gotten so old.”

“Marty (Scorsese) when we see all the films you did, none of them were great.”

“It’s a true story, so help me God.  Sinatra was headlining at the Sands, and I was with this girl having dinner in the lounge. She wasn’t anybody I would bring home to my mother, but I really wanted to score big. Frank was in the lounge at his table with Lena Horne and some other celebrities and all his security guards. And my date says, ‘My God, there’s Frank Sinatra! Do you know him?’

“I said, ‘Sure, he’s a friend of mine.’ Which he was. But I made it sound like my whole life. ‘We’re like brothers!’ She didn’t believe me. So I said, ‘Wait here, sweetheart,’ and I went over to Frank’s table. ‘What do you want, Bullethead?’ he said. That was his nickname for me. I told him I was trying to impress this girl and would he do me a very big favor and come over and just say hello. He said, ‘For you, Bullethead, I’ll do it.'”

“Five minutes later, Sinatra strolled over and said, ‘Don, how the hell are you?’

“And Don Rickles looked up and replied, ‘Not now, Frank. Can’t you see I’m with somebody?'”

This hit goes to: the Mumblers!  Noah and Leigh get their 1st hit!  Huzzah!

Happy pooling,


Current Standings:

Josh: 120 – (Florence Henderson – 20, Grant Tinker – 10, Gordie Tapp – 10, Terry Edwards – 60, Chuck Barris – 20)

Jami: 100 – (Fidel Castro – 10, Bernard Frost – 20, Zsa Zsa Gabor – 10, George Michael – 50)

Wes: 90 – (Holly Dunn – 50, John Glenn – 10, Debbie Reynolds – 20, David Penrose Buckson – 10)

Lee Kwang Soo!: – 60 (Alice Drummond – 20, Dr. Henry Heimlich – 10, Hashemi Rafsanjani – 20, Lola Albright – 10)

Morrigan’s Mirror: 60 – (William Christopher – 20, Mary Tyler Moore – 20, Moulton “Pete” Marston – 20)

Tailgating w/ Jesus: 50 – (Ralph Branca – 10, Craig Sager – 40)

M: 30 – (Sir John Hurt – 30)

Team Sushi: 30 – (Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka – 30)

Gianna: 20 – (Leonard Cohen – 20)

The Mumblers: 10 – (Don Rickles – 10)

Mary: 10 – (Chuck Berry – 10)

Joanne: 10 – (Judge Joseph Wapner – 10)


Comedy Legend and wife of Jerry Stiller, Anne Meara died at the spry age of 85.

Although she starred in the movie, “Fame,”  she did NOT live forever.

Meara told her marginally funny son, Ben Stiller, “”Over 60 years in show business, and I can just see my obituary, ‘Mother of Ben Stiller dies!’”

  • ABC News: Actress, Comedian Anne Meara, Mom of Ben Stiller, Dies at 85

    A photo from back in the day when the rocked the disembodied head look.

    A photo from back in the day when they rocked the disembodied head look.

  • Reuters: U.S. comedian Anne Meara, mother of actor Ben Stiller, dies at 85
  • BBC: Comedian Anne Meara, mother of Ben Stiller, dies at 85
  • Newsday: Anne Meara dead; Comedian, Long Island native, and mother to Ben Stiller, wife to Jerry Stiller, was 85
  • People Magazine: Comedy Actress Anne Meara, Mother of Ben Stiller, Dies at 85
  • Moviepilot: Ben Stiller’s Mother, Comedian and Actress Anne Meara, Has Died Age 85
  • derStandard: Ben Stillers Mutter Anne Meara gestorben

I think that we have to use the word “prophestic”.

But she was more than being the marginally funny Ben’s mom and the wife of George Costanza’s dad.  In 1995, she wrote the comedy, After-Play, which became an Off-Broadway production.  She starred in her own series Kate McShane where she was nominated for an Emmy, for a show that lasted a whopping 10 episodes.

And she was on Rhoda.

She was also on The Love Boat.  But Mary snatched her away before Erika could draft her!

This gives Mary 60 points unless I am mis-scoring her which I very well may be doing but I’m not sure!

I couldn’t find a place to use the pun “Meara Image.”  I will try harder in the future.

Nancy Reagan, somehow, continues to live.

Happy pooling,


Current Standings:

Occupy the Casket: 150 – (Sir Terry Pratchett – 66, Lauren Hill – 90)

Tailgating with Jesus: 120 – (Jean Béliveau – 20, Ernie Banks – 20, Jerry Tarkanian – 20, Minnie Minoso -10, Al Rosen – 10, Chuck Bednarik – 20)

Jami: 120 – (Diem Brown – 70, Sam Simon – 50)

Nikki: 80 – (Stuart Scott – 60, BB King – 20)

Anne: 70 – (Lesley Gore – 40, Joe Cocker – 30)

Gianna: 70 – (Ahmad “Real” Givens – 70)

The Girl on Fire: 60 – (Mario Cuomo – 20, Richard Dysart – 20, Anne Meara – 20)

I-Steve (a.k.a: The Arch-Bishop!): 60 – (Fiorenzo Angelini – 10, Jorge María Mejía – 10, Cardinal Karl Josef Becker – 20, Roberto Tucci – 10, Giovanni Canestri – 10)

Nora the Explorer: 50 – (James Best – 20, Ben E. King – 30)

Babysitter: 50 – (Leonard Nimoy – 20, Gary Gahl – 30)

Fearless Ghoul Pool Administrator: 30 – (King Abdullah – 10, Joe Franklin – 20)

Anne: 30 – ()

Team Sushi: 30 – (Marion Barry – 30)

Mostly Mike: 20 – (Ralph H Baer – 10, Edward W. Brooke III – 10)

Erika: 10 – (Jayne Meadows – 10)

The Mortician’s Daughter:  10 – (“Little” Jimmy Dickens – 10)

Actor George Lindsey, better known as Goober on “The Andy Griffith Show” and “Hee Haw,” died at the spry age of 83.

Lindsey played Goober on “The Andy Griffith Show,” “Mayberry RFD,”

Yeah, THIS guy made an indelible imprint on American society…

and on “Hee Haw” until it went out of production in 1993…. Wait?  They don’t make “Hee Haw” any more?  Seriously?  So where do ignorant rednecks get their entertainment then?…. oh…. Reality TV.  Never mind.

“Americahas grown up with me,” Lindsey said in an Associated Press interview in 1985. “Goober is every man.”  I think Mr. Goober needs a little serving of get-over-yourself-juice.

His 85 year old co-star, Andy Griffith, released a statement to the Associated Press saying, “Who?  Lindy?  Charles Lindbergh died?  Well, then… Wait? Where am I?…  Goobers?… huh?”

In 1980 he told The Tennessean, “There’s no place in the United StatesI can go that they don’t know me.”  Seriously, this guy needed to get over himself.  Man, he really though a lot of himself.  Yeah, it must have been your turn on “Love, American Style” that solidified you as a frickin’ Icon.

In 1985, he said: “There’s a residual effect of knowing I’ve made Americalaugh.”  OK, ya know what?  I’m officially upgrading George Lindsey to an Asshole.   Dude, you were in “Take This Job & Shove It.”  A movie inspired by a Johnny Paycheck song.  Who was laughing then?  Huh?  Who?… That’s what I thought.

And this year, it was Carol that was picking Goober at the draft!  Yes, this gross faux pas has earned her another 20 points, putting her up to 80.  She just might be the 5th to hit triple digits this year!

Happy Pooling,