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Actress Alice Drummond died from a fall at the spry age of  88.

Her last words were “I’ve fallen and I can’t-”     Nope.  Nope.  Can’t do it.  Too easy.

Drummond will always be remembered as the librarian who was frightened by a full torso apparition who liked to wreak havoc on card catalogs, douse the place with ectoplasmic residue and practiced symmetrical book stacking, just like the Philadelphia mass turbulence of 1947 (because no human being would stack books like that) in “Ghostbusters.”

After her role in “Ghostbusters,” Drummond was able to snag great roles in “Night Court,” “The Equalizer” and “Kate & Allie.”


Her uncle though that he was Saint Jerome


She also appeared in “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.”  But that movie sucked, so we won’t mention that.

She and her husband, Mr. Drummond, adopted two poor black kids in the 80s, a move that was controversial enough to merit it’s own TV show.

The youngest was a precocious lad with catchphrases like, “What choo talkin’ ‘bout?” who usually outshined his older brother.  Their biological daughter really went downhill, holding up a video store for $164, forging prescriptions and eventually in a Winnebago.  

Either way, their housekeeper ended up with a spin-off.  So, you take the good, you take the bad…

Her most recent feature film was the 2010 comedy “Furry Vengeance,” which starred Brendan Fraser and Brooke Shields.  Remember when that one took the world by storm?  Yeah, me neither.

This hit goes to: ME!  Yes, I am on the board with a whopping 20 points!  More importantly, I’m beating Bean!

Happy pooling,


Current Standings:

Wes: 50 – (Holly Dunn – 50)

Josh: 30 – (Florence Henderson – 20, Grant Tinker – 10)

Lee Kwang Soo!: – 20 (Alice Drummond – 20)

Gianna: 20 – (Leonard Cohen – 20)

Jami: 10 – (Fidel Castro – 10)

Tailgating w/ Jesus: 10 – (Ralph Branca – 10)


Self-proclaimed inventor of Media Psychology, Dr. Joyce Brothers died at the spry age of 85. 


Brothers was forced to tone down her theory on the benefits of interracial three-ways to make it more “TV Friendly.”

Brothers first became famous for a stint on “The $64,000 Question.”  The producers decided to ask her all questions about boxing.  Because girls don’t know jack-squat about pugilism.  Well, she won… $64,000.  That’ll learn ‘em.

She was then given her own show and a column in “Good Housekeeping.”  And ever since then we’ve had to listen to drivel from quacks ranging from Bob Hartley to Frasier Crane.   It wasn’t until a few years back when a therapist also became an analyst.  This made Tobias Fünke the world’s first Analrapist.  (Yes, I am very excited about new “Arrested Development” episodes.)

Born Joyce Diane Bauer, (she changed her name to hide her identity from the enemies of her terror fighting brother, Jack), Brothers also appeared on a dew other television shows, including: Saturday Night Live, CHiPs, Simon & Simon, Ellery Queen, Mama’s Family, Taxi, Happy Days, Police Squad!, Police Woman, Night Court, The Nanny, Frasier, The Andy Dick Show, One Life to Live, WKRP in Cincinnati, Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer, Mr. Belvedere, Married… with Children, Entourage, The Simpsons, All That, Kenan & Kel, The Steve Harvey Show, My Two Dads, Melrose Place, ALF, The Larry Sanders Show, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, Suddenly Susan and Moonlighting.    

I know, isn’t it amazing?  She got to meet Mr. Belvedere! 

She also used to go on The Match Game where vicious rumors came about of a torrid affair with Charles Nelson Reilly.  These rumors were put to rest when Charles Nelson Reilly… well… acted like Charles Nelson Reilly.

This hit goes to: Joanne!  Yes, Joanne said, “Oh yeah, New Dick in Town?  I see your twenty points and I…. match it…” 

This also puts Joanne in the At-Least-We-Have-More-Points-Than-Bean Club!

Happy pooling,


Current Standings:

Dawn-n-Mike – 140 (Oscar Niemeyer – 0, Norman Joseph Woodland – 10,Patti Page – 20, Reg Presley – 30, Hugo Chavez – 50, Frank Thornton – 10 – George Jones – 20)

Babysitter – 120 (Clive Dunn – 10, Ravi Shankar – 10, Margaret Thatcher – 20, Chi Cheng – 60, Pat Summerall – 20)

The New Dick in Town – 120 – (Jack Klugman – 10, Mindy McCready – 70, Jonathan Winters – 20, Jeanne Cooper – 20)

Joanne – 80 – (Freddy Schmidt – 10, Robert Bork – 20, C. Everett Koop – 10, Moon Mullen – 10, Virgil Trucks – 10, Dr. Joyce Brothers – 20)

Gianna – 80 – (Lucille Bliss – 10, Bonnie Franklin – 40, E. L. Konigsburg – 20, Deanna Durbin – 10)

Tailgating with Jesus – 70 – (Marvin Miller – 10, Earl Weaver – 20, Jerry Buss – 20, Gus Triandos – 20)

Council of Geeks – 50 (Richard Griffiths – 40, Ray Harryhausen – 10)

Jami – 50 – (Larry Hagman – 20, Annette Funicello – 30)

The Girl on Fire – 50 – (Dear Abby – 10, Ed Koch – 20, Milo O’Shea – 20)

Team Sushi – 50 – (Conrad Bain – 20, Roger Ebert – 30)

 “Imaginary” Steve – 20 (Al Neuharth – 20)

Sean P. McFeeley I – 10 – (Patty Andrews – 10)

Nikki the Bad-Ass – 10 – (Stan Musial – 10)

“Sister” Mary Sheila – 10 (Lee MacPhail – 10)